Winter 2021

As the weather turns colder and the nights draw in, I have been keeping an eye on local Covid-19 rates and wondering what the winter will bring…

Here in Cambridge rates seem to be fairly low but fluctuating (more info about this here) so I am keen to keep a cautious but sensible approach to working in person over the next few months.

If you are considering working with me in person, then here is what I am asking clients to sign up to:

  1. Please don’t come if you have any symptoms or if you have reason to suspect you may have the virus, or have been ‘pinged’. And should there be any doubt, I am asking that you please consider very carefully whether you could have a session online instead until results are confirmed.
  2. Please continue to wear a mask until you are seated inside the counselling room.
  3. Please sanitize your hands at the gate when you arrive.
  4. The room will be kept as ventilated as possible, so this may mean it is a little cooler than usual: please consider wearing extra layers, popping your coat back on, or using a blanket to stay a comfortable temperature (I have a few spare blankets available for this reason).
  5. I will be taking weekly lateral flow tests, and you may wish to consider doing the same.
  6. I am double-vaccinated and will get my booster jab as soon as I am able. Please let me know if you are NOT vaccinated.

I hope this is approach is sustainable, not too much bother, but also provides a safe environment for in-person therapy. And lets hope things continue to improve as we advance towards 2022…

Take care,