a new era…

After working online for over 5 months, I am pleased to say that from the beginning of August 2020, I will be offering both online and face-to-face sessions for counselling. This means that you can chose whatever suits you best- online or in person, or switch between the two should you want to.

If you want to do counselling online I am using Zoom, and can send you info via email about how I work, how much things cost, and the ins and outs of Zoom (which you probably already know).

If you want to do sessions in person, then you’ll need to be symptom free and give me your name and number for track and trace. I’ve done a full assessment, and counselling chairs are two and a half meters apart, so we can use social distancing to keep each other safe. There is also plenty of hand gel and hand washing facilities for you to use, as well as a thorough cleaning regime in between clients. So rest assured, we can meet in person and both be safe. I can also send you more info about this, and of course you are welcome to wear a mask or a visor too should you wish.

So, if you are thinking of getting in touch then drop me a line- it would be great to hear from you.

Oh, one last thing- should sessions need to be on line at any time in the future, then I would let you know ASAP and we could hop online and keep your usual time and day.

Stay safe, and be well.


an important update…

18th March 2020

Due to public health concerns about COVID -19 I, like many of my counselling colleagues, have decided to work solely on-line and not offer face to face counselling sessions for the time being.

This is a huge change, made at speed and with very little consultation with my current clients- not the way I usually l like to work AT ALL. So, it was a difficult decision. And in many ways goes against my philosophy of offering accessible, warm support which is gadget-free and relational.


These are unusual times and though it may feel counter instinctive, I must act for the greater good and take swift action to protect my current clients, family and community to avoid social contact and potentially spreading the virus, and to ensure that some support can continue even in these times of restricted movement.

So… for the next month at least, all sessions will be on-line and will mean you need access to a computer / tablet / device (with reliable power source / battery) with a camera and speakers, OR a smart phone. You’ll also need somewhere private and safe to be whilst we connect on-line.

Sessions will be offered at a reduced rate, and there will be increased flexibility as to when sessions happen, how long they are as well as a more flexible cancellation policy.

Sessions may also feel a little weird at first- but then we are all getting used to that! And- as with so many things- we will work together and stay in close contact to make sure you as a client feel supported and get what you need and this strange time.

If you have any more questions then please ping me a message- I am open for business.

Take care, and stay safe,