Young Adults & Students

‘I feel bleeeuuugghhh’

Does this sound like you or someone you know?  Maybe you feel low or blue and all sorts of weird… maybe you feel a bit numb or spaced out.  Or like your life is out of control or that there is something wrong that you can’t even begin to put into words- maybe a feeling, a colour, or just a sense.

Maybe things have been rubbish for so long that it feels like it’s always been that way.

It’s easy to feel like you’re alone.  And it can seem like you’re the only one struggling, that you should be doing what everyone else is doing, or that there is something wrong with you.  It can feel like no-one will understand or help you.

The truth is, you are not alone.  One in 5 young people may experience a mental health problem in any given year*  and it’s normal to have times where we need extra support.  When we are feeling low its hard to know what to do and what to think.

But if you’ve ever considered talking to someone then this is the one thought you CAN trust: you are right.

Talking things through will help

If you are reading this then chances are you, or someone you know, has thought about talking things over with someone- things that are troubling you or causing you pain.

As a counsellor, I will listen to you. I won’t judge you.  Together we will create a space where you feel safe enough to express yourself and get your thoughts and feelings out.  My counselling room is warm, easy to access, and a calm space where everyone is welcome.

I am neutral, interested in what you have to say, and will trust you to make the right decisions.  I’m not here to tell you what to do or think: I am here to listen.  Everything we talk about will be confidential and you can decide what you want to talk about or not talk about.

I can offer you a space to talk, think, process, be and feel. I won’t tell you what to do or tell you my option.  I can be there whilst you sit and feel blue, cry or blurt our whatever is on your head.

Counselling can help

Think of counselling like talking with someone you trust, who lets you say anything you want and who is there just to support YOU.  Doesn’t that sound like something we all could do with a little more of in our lives?

It’s tempting to think that everyone is leading a ‘normal, happy life’ but in my experience there is no such thing. Everyone has times when they feel rubbish, and everyone needs support from time to time. And taking the time to talk to someone could make all the difference.

‘The most helpful part of counselling was that it helped me uncover some of the blind-spots that were controlling my behaviour and getting me into situations that would trigger my low moods’

Quote from client

Contact me

I would love to talk to you if you think that talking therapy might help you. You can find out more about me here, or get in touch here.  Send me a message: it might just be a small step towards feeling better.


* reference: WHO (2003). Caring for children and adolescents with mental disorders: Setting WHO directions. [online] Geneva: World Health Organization. Available at: [Accessed 14 Sep. 2015]