Covid safe working

Updated Winter 2021

working in person: safety info about covid

I am currently following the advice of the government, the NHS and the BACP (my professional body) so that we can work in person as safely as possible.  Please read what’s below and make sure you are happy with this before you start in-person sessions.

This relates to how we will keep each other safe from Covid-19, so please read this carefully.

  • If you any symptoms, are unwell, have been asked to isolate, suspect that you have the virus, or have travelled back from a high-risk country then please do not attend counselling in person.
  • I will do the same if I suspect I have any symptoms or need to isolate. I will notify you immediately and can, health permitting, then offer counselling online.

Each week:

  • Please consider doing a Lateral Flow Test before you come if at all possible (you can order them here).
  • When you arrive, you will need to sanitise your hands at the gate (hand gel provided).
  • Please wear a mask until we are seated.
  • Once seated, we will be 2.5 meters apart and you won’t need to wear a mask or visor unless you want to.
  • During sessions the room will be as ventilated as possible whilst maintaining privacy: you may want to bring additional layers in case the room is therefore chilly.  Water, tissues and hand gel will be provided.
  • In between clients, the room will be aired for a minimum of 40 minutes (usually longer) and all surfaces wiped with antibacterial spray / cloths.


  • These plans are based on everyone being double vaccinated. 
  • If you are NOT double vaccinated or have refused your booster jab, then please let me know and we will work out how we keep each other safe.
  • If there is another lock down or the risk of contracting the virus increases, then in person counselling sessions will cease, and will be offered online instead.
  • You must only attend counselling in person if you are satisfied with the safety measures put in place at the counselling room: by coming you are agreeing that you are satisfied with what has been put in place and are willing to follow any guidance and safety measures given.
  • If either of us develop symptoms of Covid 19, or of any other cough /cold / flu we will not hold the other party responsible.

Thank you for your co-operation. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have in respect to the above.