How to find me

Info about where to come

The address is: 51 Montague Road, Cambridge, CB4 1BU
The nearest bus route is No2: you need the stop nearest ‘Stir’ café on Chesterton Road. Its then
about a 5-minute walk.

Where will I park?

If you have come by car, then you can park along Montague Road. If it is BEFORE 5pm, you will
need to use the Pay and Display spaces at either end of the road. After 5pm, parking is free.

There are streets near Stir (the café on Chesterton Road) and St Andrews church where you can park for free if you have time to walk a little further.

If you have come by bike then you are welcome to leave it in the garden whilst we meet.

What do I do when I arrive?

You will see house number 51, and on the left of the house is a teal-coloured wooden side gate
with its own doorbell on the right. Ring the doorbell to let me know you have arrived. I will come
to let you in.

What if I am early?

There is nowhere to wait if you are early, I’m sorry to say. Its best to try and arrive 2-3 minutes
before the session starts.

What if I am late?

If you can, let me know you are running late, and we’ll start as soon as you arrive. Sessions will
always end when originally scheduled to end.

Where are we going?

Sessions take place in a garden studio which is accessed by a step-free, well-lit path. There is a
toilet you can use, and in the counselling room itself there are comfy chairs, water and tissues you
can help yourself to.

In you have any problems…

Email me:
Ring me: 07966 006 211
Knock loudly on the side gate