What is Gestalt counselling?

Good question!

Gestalt counselling focuses on raising your awareness of how you are feeling, thinking and being.  In therapy, you might become more aware of how you relate to people, patterns of behaviour or familiar ways of dealing with life.  With awareness comes choice.  Often just by being more aware, we can feel we have more power over our lives, our circumstances and have the freedom to make changes if necessary.

Sometimes in life we get stuck and need help.  Gestalt counselling can help you understand and articulate what is going on for you help you make sense of what’s going on.  Gestalt counselling can help you to find resources within yourself and listen to your inner voice to help you move forward or face whatever situation you are in.

If you feel exhausted from struggling to make changes and fight your feelings, then counselling can help. Gestalt explores the idea that in order to change, we must first fully accept and be who we are.  This can often take a lot of work and involve a lot of change in itself! In counselling I will encourage you to relax in to your thoughts, feelings and into being more YOU.

Unlike some other therapies, Gestalt focuses on human growth, creativity, being more alive and knowing yourself more. And all of us could do with a little more of that.

Gestalt is part of the Humanistic tradition of counselling.  If you want to read more about this then there are lots of good web sites about, like this one.

My work

I work in a relaxed and fairly informal way.  My counselling room is discreet, a calm space, easy to get to and comfy.  Its important to me that you feel relaxed and safe, as this will help you get the most out of counselling.

As well as talking I sometimes use creative materials such as playing cards, post it notes, pen and paper, and objects like buttons and stones to help us explore and articulate your thoughts and feelings.

‘The creative exercises used in sessions helped me dig into deeper personal issues’

Quote from a client